Surprise, Surprise: Metal And Classical Are Alike

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Sure, for us metal fans, this has always been clear: Metal and classical music go together wonderfully. But hey, this Facebook post from ZDFkultur (German channel) caught my attention today.

It contains some very interesting fun facts. Here, on the one hand, are the most amazing similarities of fans of both arts:

  • They are creative, balanced, and rather introverted,
  • They have above-average intelligence, and
  • They are very relaxed, as both music styles have a positive effect on blood pressure and heart rate.

And, on the other hand, the following are the similarities between the two musical styles:

  • They are theatrical and develop an intense dynamic,
  • The have a complex structure.

By the way, these facts are based on scientific findings of the Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh (the capital of Scotland), the University of Zagreb (the capital of Croatia), and the Marienhospital in Herne (a city in Germany).

So, now, it’s official: Metal and classical music are very similar. Still, the only question is, for which side is this the bigger compliment?

Stay curious,

PS: A number of well-known metal bands were and are inspired by classical music. Here are my all-time favorite classic metal albums (in alphabetical order):

Which are yours?
Tell us in the comments!

Image source: Larisa Birta on Unsplash.
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One Comment

  1. Shmock Bird

    I listen to both classical and metal, but I have to disagree with you in any point whereas the above-average intelligence is the most ridiculous. Metal is such a huge spectrum with many many subgenres, you can’t just generalize that, while BM for example shares some classical elements with classical music, but even then it really depends on the band while other genre like Thrash or Death have literally nothing in common with classical, not even when its Melodeath…

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