Out and proud: Our debut EP is here

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OMG, where do we start?

After the dimension jump we were left with nothing, alone in a strange world, without our friends and family. Had to start from scratch again and finished our debut EP Guru Of Hate in record time

It took a lot of “blood, sweat and tears” – and yes, also money – to finish the album (especially the musicians among you know what we are talking about). But now we hold it in our hands and can share it with you and the whole world.

It has been less than a year since we appeared in this dimension. It’s so overwhelming and we are so grateful that some experts, journalists and true metal lovers take time to look at our music and encourage us to continue. I think you know how valuable it is when someone wants you to keep growing and takes time for you and gives honest feedback – just priceless.

We have received many positive reviews and also critical but always constructive feedback we listen to it and always think about how we can improve further and find our own way.

We know that we are just starting and still have a long way to go but we are reaching more and more fans with our music and story all over the world: Italy Brazil Ukraine Egypt and many more. Spoiler alert, we will soon be reviewed by British and Danish metal magazines and other serious online metal platforms.

Barry and I would like to thank YOU all: your support and enthusiasm has carried us through the last weeks and months, which were by far the hardest in the life of the whole band.

For that again a huge and warm thank you in your direction! Many hugs!

Luke and Barry on behalf of the entire band


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By the way, Demon Reports and Rock Era Magazine published amazing reviews of our debut EP Guru Of Hate. Check them out and tell us in the comments what you think.

Facts for fans: Guru Of Hate was done before the dimension jump and had to be re-recorded afterwards.
Image source: Divine Anger.

Sources of information: Our own ideas and imaginations.

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Barry 'The Chef'

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Debut EP out on 6 August, 2021

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